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A GameMaker Studio 2 Android Extension

Thank you for your interest about this extension!

You can see the extension in action in the following YouTube video or test it yourself by downloading the demonstration_app.apk by pressing the "Download Now" button.


The  "Ultimate Toast Extension for Android" is compatible with GameMaker Studio 2. This extension allows your GameMaker Studio 2 project, to show from simple to fully customizable toast messages natively on android devices. It is very easy to use, with very simple API. It is written with Java and it is lightweight and natively fast.


This extension is for android devices that are able to deliver toasts, therefore the GameMaker Studio 2 Mobile Module is required.

Very easy to use (API sneak peek)

To show a simple toast message:

android_show_toast(msg, duration);

Yep! That's it! Simply and easy!

Do you want to position your toast anywhere on the screen? No problem!

android_show_toast_ext(msg, duration, gravity1, gravity2, h_offset, v_offset);

Do you want you toasts to have custom colors and contain an image? Say no more! Just modify the layout xml that included in the extension and use the following method:

android_show_toast_custom(msg, duration, gravity1, gravity2, h_offset, v_offset);

And of course, some helpers to make the coding experience even easier:

//Enables the debug logs
//Set all toasts as cancelable
//Set all toasts as uncancelable
//Cancels the current toast if exists 

The extension is fully documented. If you want to dig more, you can find  the documentation here.

Free vs Full Version

The free version of the extension can show the simple toasts and debug logs. This functionality is more that enough for the 99% of the GMS2 android developers. But if you want to support the future updates and the developer or if you want that spicy extra customization please consider buying the full version.

Additionally the license which is the same for both free and paid version, is very permitted...


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

demostration_app.apk 12 MB
TheUltimateToastExtensionforAndroid - Free Version.yymp 555 kB
TheUltimateToastExtensionforAndroid - Full Version.yymp 549 kB
if you pay $3 USD or more
TheUltimateToastExtensionforAndroid - FULL Version GMS23.yymps 542 kB
if you pay $3 USD or more


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Realy good Extension, look´s good and is Realy easy it use :D

Thank you for your kind words! I am glad you like it!